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Winter holidays may see a boom this year

Many people are disappointed that yet again they may not be able to have their summer holidays abroad but this could mean that there is a boom in winter holidays instead. If you are looking to go abroad in the winter, you are often more limited on the places you can go to if you want it to be hot. You will need to choose a location that is very close to the equator which tend to be hot all year round or somewhere like Australia or parts of America. That is unless you want to go to somewhere cold for skiing or snow boarding for example.

There is likely to be a boom in winter holidays so booking early is essential. You do have to bear in mind though that we may well be put under strict restrictions again if the cases surge as they are expected to during the winter months. This could mean that we see local or national lockdowns and travel is yet again suspended.

Most holidays companies are offering either money back or the option to move your holiday should it be cancelled due to covid but you need to double check all of this prior to booking.