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Are you still planning a Christmas getaway?

Some people like to go away over the Christmas period often allowing them to go somewhere warm, not have to have the awkward choices to make over who to see when and allowing them to truly enjoy this time of year. If you were planning a holiday this Christmas then you may be in two minds as to if you can or should still go. At present no one knows exactly what places will be in what tiers and what travel restrictions will be in place but if you are staying within the UK you are likely to be ok to still go.

You need to bear in mind that it may not be like previous years as there are likely to still be restrictions in place on pubs, restaurants and some entertainment venues. IF you are renting a cottage or a home and are happy not to do much then you will still be able to enjoy your time away, if however you are going away and wanting to go out and do different activities each day and enjoy Christmas drinks in the local pub with friends then this may not be possible.