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What to do if you get sick on holiday

With all the recent media news regarding illness that has occurred when people are on holiday, many holiday makers are getting rather anxious about their travel. Often people get sick when on holiday or just as they are about to leave due to nerves and worrying. Often thinking you are going to be ill, seems to somehow make you become ill.

In certain cases there may be a reason as to why you have become ill such as poor hygiene in the complex you are staying in, food poisoning or injury. If any of these happen, especially whilst abroad it is important to get to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Some of the larger resorts have on site doctors, or if not then your rep should be able to advise you of where to go. Thomas Cook for example, even has an app you can download that will allow you to have a live chat conversation with a doctor over the internet.

If you find that you often suffer from a bad stomach when away then you may want to start taking probiotics or prebiotics to fend off any bad bacteria. These have no known bad side effects unlike some medication which are used when you get diarrhoea, which can damage your gut flora even more.