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What to bear in mind when getting married abroad?

So many holidays have had to be cancelled over the last 12 months and many wedding shave gone on hold too. It may be that you have decided next year is going to be when you finally get married, but after all the restrictions, you want to go abroad for the big day. For many couples this is a dream come true and they cannot wait to go somewhere exotic to say I do.

When getting married abroad, there are a lot more considerations you need to think about. The first point to consider is that lots of people may not be able to attend and some of these my even be close relatives such as brothers and sisters. If they cannot get the time off work, have their own personal commitments which will make it impossible for them to fly or simply cannot afford it, they may miss out. It may be that you understand that and do not mind who can and cant come, but if having your close friends and family is important to you, then you may wish to rethink it. You may decide you are going to offer to contribute towards the cost of the trip, so pay for everyone’s flights or see if you can get a discount at a hotel for group bookings. This may help some people who want to go but cannot afford to.