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Safety when travelling abroad with children

If you are planning a family holiday for this year and want to go abroad with your children for the first time, it is extremely normal to feel nervous and worried. If you are travelling with a baby who still has milk then you may have to take sterilisers, bottles and milk. You will also have to take nappies and possible medication such as Calpol. It is important to check exactly what you can take through customs and where it needs to be stored i.e. in hand luggage or hold luggage. You can usually find this information on the Airlines website but if not, then be sure to call them before you start packing.

Children are often at more risk to infections and illness when abroad so you will need to make sure that you think about what food they are eating and if it is safe for them to drink the water or even have ice in their drinks. Their stomachs are often more sensitive, so even if its ok for you, it may not be for them.

If you are going somewhere that is hot, you need to ensure that your child is safe in the sun. Not only should you use a high factor sun cream, but you may also want to cover them up by wearing a long sleeve t-shirt or sun suit.