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Make sure your holiday is protected

Holidays can be something to really look forward to but they often cost a lot of money especially if you are going abroad.

Many of us have to save for months to be able to afford a holiday and it can be scary to think that you could lose any money you have paid towards your holiday should something go wrong. With the recent collapse of Thomas Cook, this has become even more apparent with people having to wait weeks if not months to get their money back.

Some people book their holidays a year or so in advance to allow them to spread the cost over monthly payments and you will probably have had to put down a deposit to start with. Others have saved up and wait until they have money in the bank to book the perfect get away for them and their family. This can make losing the money, even more upsetting.

When booking a holiday, there is always a risk that the company you book with could go into administration or have to cancel your holiday for another reason. If this happens you may struggle to get all or even any of your money back, leaving you without a holiday and no money to book another one. Booking with a company that is ATOL protected will ensure that you are not stranded or left out of pocket should your holiday be cancelled by the company you booked with. It is worth remembering that ATOL only protects holidays packages that have been booked to include flights and accommodation.