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How to pay for your holiday

If you are looking to book a holiday for this year then you may wonder how you are going to pay for it. If you have already saved in advance then you will probably pay for the holiday at the time of booking, but many people prefer to make monthly payments to spread the cost.

Most holidays have to be paid in full at least 6 weeks prior to departure. With this in mind, if you are booking a holiday for the summer holidays, it will likely need to be paid for in May or June. This does not give you long to spread the cost, so you may end up paying quite a bit in the months running up to it. The other way you can do it is to put it on a credit card. Ideally you will want to use a 0% or low interest credit card to avoid additional costs. If you do this, work out how much you need to pay off each month to clear the balance before the interest free period finishes.

It is important to check if you have any cover should you need to cancel the holiday. Some companies offer their own cancellation policy, others you will need to find a third party and check carefully what is covered and what is not.