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How to make the most of a budget holiday

Many of us are struggling with our finances at the moment due to being off work or a loss of trade during the Covid pandemic. This pandemic has also had a massive effect on the holiday and tourism trade with many of us having holidays cancelled or severely delayed last year. We were hoping that 2021 would bring some hope or a return to normality but with the UK in a third lockdown, the first half of the year is not looking all that great. It may be that by summer time we are able to start going on holiday again. This could be a holiday abroad that has been delayed or maybe you decide to stay local and have a budget holiday this year. It could be that holiday prices soar this year with a lot of competition likely for resorts, campsites and hotels. Often the cheapest type of holiday you can go on is a camping holiday in a tent. All you need to pay for is your grass pitch and possibly electric hook up. Just because it a budget holidays doesn’t mean it can’t be as enjoyable as a more expensive one. Planning is vital, think about activities you can do and maybe book a few days out whilst away so you have something to look forward to.