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How to avoid holdups when travelling on holiday

The is nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam when you are travelling to your holiday destination especially if it is on the motorway and you are unable to find a different route to take.

If you are travelling to a holiday destination that you are familiar with you will probably need to use a satellite navigation device fitted in your vehicle, an app on your phone or you will need to plan your route on a map before you go. Most up to date Sat Navs have the facility to reroute drivers if they identify an issue with the route which could be an accident or other incident or just a high volume of traffic. It is important to keep your Sat Nav updated every year so that it recognises new possible routes for you to take and longer periods of road closures.

If you are towing a caravan or driving a large campervan the issue of sat navs possibly directing you down unsuitable roads is a real problem. Some caravaners and people driving larger motorhomes rely on maps or purchase a Sat Nav that is designed for truckers. This allows the user to input the dimensions of the vehicle and so prevents the situation that some drivers face with being directed down narrow roads with few passing places.