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Holiday prices soar in the UK

With the government now stating that England can finally start to very slowly lift lockdown restrictions, many people are looking forward to planning a holiday.  Holidays abroad are still off the cards for many at the moment and although this restriction is likely to be lifted later on in the year, it could be that there are still so many restrictions is place, such as isolation hotels, that many people still decide not to go.

UK holidays are likely to start taking place again from April but mostly only at places where people can be self sufficient and do not have to use shared facilities. Later on in the year all areas of travel and tourism within the UK is likely to start to get back to normal but holiday providers are cashing in on this and prices have already started to soar.

A recent survey showed that many holiday prices in the UK have risen by at least 50% sometimes over 100% this year compared to previous years. This is partly due to the loss of revenue that many have suffered over the past 12 months and the higher costs they may have to incur due to maintaining social distancing and higher levels of cleanliness. But some places are possibly taking advantage of the higher demand for holidays and lack of holidays abroad.