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Are you jetting off for some last-minute sun?

With the UK lockdown restrictions slowly starting to lift, many of us are keen to be able to book a holiday and get away in the sun. There are still only a handful of countries on the green list so you cannot be picky about where you are going. One of the most popular choices is Portugal which has only just been added to the list. Although you can go there on holiday, there are some important points to bear in mind. You will need to pay for a Covid test which needs to be done with 72 hours of your returning flight. You will also need to have another test done once you are back home within two days. You also need to check the rules and regulations in other countries. Spain is said to be looking to welcome back people from the UK in the next week or so but Spain is not currently on the green list so you would have to quarantine upon your return to the UK. The Covid tests cost around £50 each but some places are charging an extortionate amount in excess of three hundred and fifty pounds which adds a massive cost on to your holiday.