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Advantages of going on a self-catering holiday

You may think that all-inclusive holidays are the gold standard. They often cost more than self-catering and include all your meals, drinks and snack. This can be great for people who are looking to pay for their holiday and not have to spend much when they are away, but they can be quite restrictive.

You may find that if you go to a resort which is located in a busy area, there are many beautiful places to eat and drink in the town. If you have already paid all-inclusive and can seem a bit of a waste of money, if you are then going off the resort to have meals and drinks.

If the food or drink at the all-inclusive resort isn’t great then, you will have to fork out of your own budget to eat elsewhere. This can very quickly add if especially if you have a family to feed.  

It may be worth considering going half board which often includes one main meal at your hotel, allowing you to venture out and explore when you want to without being restricted to hotel meal times.

If you like going to the beach, all-inclusive may not be for you if the beach is a good distance away from the resort as you may not want to have to leave to go back for lunch etc.