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Winter holidays may see a boom this year

Posted on June 21, 2021 by Andreas
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Many people are disappointed that yet again they may not be able to have their summer holidays abroad but this could mean that there is a boom in winter holidays instead. If you are looking to go abroad in the winter, you are often more limited on the places you can go to if you want it to be hot. You will need to choose a location that is very close to the equator which tend to be hot all year round or somewhere like Australia or parts of America. That is unless you want to go to somewhere cold for skiing or snow boarding for example. There is likely to be a boom in winter holidays so booking early is essential. You do have to bear in mind though that we may well be put under strict restrictions again if the cases surge as they are expected to during the winter months. This could mean that we see local or national lockdowns and travel is yet again suspended. Most holidays companies are offering either money back or the option to move your holiday should it be cancelled due to... Read More

Are you jetting off for some last-minute sun?

Posted on May 14, 2021 by Andreas
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With the UK lockdown restrictions slowly starting to lift, many of us are keen to be able to book a holiday and get away in the sun. There are still only a handful of countries on the green list so you cannot be picky about where you are going. One of the most popular choices is Portugal which has only just been added to the list. Although you can go there on holiday, there are some important points to bear in mind. You will need to pay for a Covid test which needs to be done with 72 hours of your returning flight. You will also need to have another test done once you are back home within two days. You also need to check the rules and regulations in other countries. Spain is said to be looking to welcome back people from the UK in the next week or so but Spain is not currently on the green list so you would have to quarantine upon your return to the UK. The Covid tests cost around £50 each but some places are charging an extortionate amount in excess of three hundred and fifty... Read More

Holiday prices soar in the UK

Posted on March 05, 2021 by Andreas
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With the government now stating that England can finally start to very slowly lift lockdown restrictions, many people are looking forward to planning a holiday.  Holidays abroad are still off the cards for many at the moment and although this restriction is likely to be lifted later on in the year, it could be that there are still so many restrictions is place, such as isolation hotels, that many people still decide not to go. UK holidays are likely to start taking place again from April but mostly only at places where people can be self sufficient and do not have to use shared facilities. Later on in the year all areas of travel and tourism within the UK is likely to start to get back to normal but holiday providers are cashing in on this and prices have already started to soar. A recent survey showed that many holiday prices in the UK have risen by at least 50% sometimes over 100% this year compared to previous years. This is partly due to the loss of revenue that many... Read More

What to bear in mind when getting married abroad?

Posted on February 25, 2021 by Andreas
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So many holidays have had to be cancelled over the last 12 months and many wedding shave gone on hold too. It may be that you have decided next year is going to be when you finally get married, but after all the restrictions, you want to go abroad for the big day. For many couples this is a dream come true and they cannot wait to go somewhere exotic to say I do. When getting married abroad, there are a lot more considerations you need to think about. The first point to consider is that lots of people may not be able to attend and some of these my even be close relatives such as brothers and sisters. If they cannot get the time off work, have their own personal commitments which will make it impossible for them to fly or simply cannot afford it, they may miss out. It may be that you understand that and do not mind who can and cant come, but if having your close friends and family is important to you, then you may wish to rethink it. You may decide you are going to offer to... Read More

How to make the most of a budget holiday

Posted on January 07, 2021 by Andreas
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Many of us are struggling with our finances at the moment due to being off work or a loss of trade during the Covid pandemic. This pandemic has also had a massive effect on the holiday and tourism trade with many of us having holidays cancelled or severely delayed last year. We were hoping that 2021 would bring some hope or a return to normality but with the UK in a third lockdown, the first half of the year is not looking all that great. It may be that by summer time we are able to start going on holiday again. This could be a holiday abroad that has been delayed or maybe you decide to stay local and have a budget holiday this year. It could be that holiday prices soar this year with a lot of competition likely for resorts, campsites and hotels. Often the cheapest type of holiday you can go on is a camping holiday in a tent. All you need to pay for is your grass pitch and possibly electric hook up. Just because it a budget holidays doesn’t mean it can’t be as enjoyable as a more... Read More