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Holidaying in your local area

Should you find that you are unable to afford a holiday away either abroad or to the coast in this country there are a wealth of places to visit on your doorstep cutting down drastically on the cost.

Often, we discount venues closer to home but there can be many advantages in having lots of days out instead of one long stay away from home. One obvious plus point is that you are staying at home so there is no need to pay for costly accommodation. The price of staying in a hotel or even a caravan in the summer months can be astronomical and that is without taking into consideration the cost of meals.

If you research local places to visit by using the internet or looking in the local press you may find discount vouchers which will make your visit even cheaper. Getting together with friends and family could also mean you qualify for group discounts as many places will offer this to groups of ten or more.

When it comes to planning meals when you are visiting local attractions it can often be quite pricy to buy food there, so a good alternative is to take a picnic.