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Cheap camping holidays in the UK

Many of us are looking at cheaper ways to take the family away on holiday this year as the cost of an annual holiday has become out of reach for some and the present regulations following the pandemic has meant that some families are having to watch the pennies.

Camping has always been regarded as a cheaper alternative when planning a holiday, however it can turn out to be costly if the site you choose has a lot of facilities on offer such as clubs, restaurants and swimming pools. It is wise to think about your family’s needs when booking a site for example will you use the swimming pool if your family prefer to visit the beach every day? If you have young children that go to bed early is a club with live entertainment essential to your stay? If you choose a site with good basic facilities such as a clean modern toilet and shower block and a play area for the children big savings can be made.

The site location can make a huge difference to the cost of a camping pitch. A camp site in walking distance of a beach can be triple the cost of a site that is located inland and as long as there are sufficient parking facilities at the beach there will be no issue with staying on a site further away.