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Looking after your valuables when travelling

If you are going on holiday or going travelling then the advice is to take as few valuables with you as possible. If you are going on holiday you will probably want to take some of your valuables with you such as your phone, maybe a laptop or tablet. Also often people like to take their jewellery with them as they may not get the opportunity to dress up and go out for the... Read More

Travel Advice

Making changes to your holiday abroad

If you have booked a holiday abroad then you may have been offered the opportunity to take an out amendments policy which will often allow you to make changes to your holiday up to a week or so before you go. These policies often cost around £25 each person but can save you hundreds in the long run. If you are booking a holiday in the quite distant future then it is strongly... Read More

Travel Advice

Worried about your holiday plans?

With the tragic news of late on the devastation the hurricane has caused throughout the Caribbean and now in to Florida, it is no wonder many people are panicking about their holidays and wondering if it is safe to travel. Although incidents like this are rare, they do seem to be happening more and more and often there is no telling exactly where and when they will hit, or how... Read More

Travel Advice

Booking a trip abroad well in advance

There are many advantages to booking a holiday abroad in advance. Often you can pick up a bargain if you book early with many holiday companies giving people discounts for not only booking last minute but for booking in advance. Many of us need a holiday to give us time to relax and re charge our batteries, if you are able to book a holiday in advance, it means you can have... Read More

Travel Advice

Making friends with the locals on holiday

When you go abroad for a holiday it is always nice to spend a bit of tie getting to know the local people and learning about their way of life. So many of us go on holiday, keep ourselves to ourselves and don’t find out much about how the local people live and the culture etc. This may mean we miss out on a lot and leave the country knowing no more about it than when we... Read More