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Make sure your holiday is protected

Holidays can be something to really look forward to but they often cost a lot of money especially if you are going abroad. Many of us have to save for months to be able to afford a holiday and it can be scary to think that you could lose any money you have paid towards your holiday should something go wrong. With the recent collapse of Thomas Cook, this has become... Read More

Travel Advice

The stresses of booking a holiday

You would think that booking a holiday would be an exciting time but for many people it can be quite stressful and you may doubt as to whether it is all worth it. First you need to decide the dates you can go and your budget. You may be flexible on where you want to go, but location definitely has a massive effect on the price. If you want peace of mind that you have not... Read More

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How to pay for your holiday

If you are looking to book a holiday for this year then you may wonder how you are going to pay for it. If you have already saved in advance then you will probably pay for the holiday at the time of booking, but many people prefer to make monthly payments to spread the cost. Most holidays have to be paid in full at least 6 weeks prior to departure. With this in mind, if... Read More

Travel Advice

Safety when travelling abroad with children

If you are planning a family holiday for this year and want to go abroad with your children for the first time, it is extremely normal to feel nervous and worried. If you are travelling with a baby who still has milk then you may have to take sterilisers, bottles and milk. You will also have to take nappies and possible medication such as Calpol. It is important to check... Read More

Travel Advice

What to do if you get sick on holiday

With all the recent media news regarding illness that has occurred when people are on holiday, many holiday makers are getting rather anxious about their travel. Often people get sick when on holiday or just as they are about to leave due to nerves and worrying. Often thinking you are going to be ill, seems to somehow make you become ill. In certain cases there may be a reason... Read More