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Summer Holidays

Swansea – the perfect place for a weekend getaway

With the UK still in lockdown, many of us are really looking forward to a time when we can go away again. This may be abroad or it may simple be a short weekend break in the UK. Swansea, situated on the west coast of Wales is a popular destination for tourists. There is a rather large university in Swansea, which means there is often quite a few students there but this... Read More

Summer Holidays

Will we be able to go on holiday this year?

With the current worldwide pandemic, many of us are considering that we are most likely to have our summer holidays cancelled or postponed but for how long, we simply do not know. It seems that for the foreseeable future (at least 12 weeks) travel is going to be a thing of the past unless done for emergencies. All holidays for the next few weeks have already been cancelled... Read More

Summer Holidays

Cycling holidays in Europe

If you are looking for a holiday that is a bit different this year and find cycling enjoyable, then why not combined the two. There are a number of holiday tour operators that specialise in cycling holidays all over the world and you may be surprised to find out that they often don’t work out much more expensive than going away for a week in a nice hotel abroad. Europe... Read More

Summer Holidays

Getting ready for a summer holiday

With the summer holidays only a week away many parents are busy booking last minute getaways. If you are planning on staying in the UK for your family holiday then you may be tempted to wait until you can see what the weather forecast is before booking but this may mean you struggle to book the place you want to. Some booking companies allow you to book in advance and cancel... Read More

Summer Holidays

Advantages of going on a self-catering holiday

You may think that all-inclusive holidays are the gold standard. They often cost more than self-catering and include all your meals, drinks and snack. This can be great for people who are looking to pay for their holiday and not have to spend much when they are away, but they can be quite restrictive. You may find that if you go to a resort which is located in a busy area,... Read More