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Are your travel documents protected?

The quantity of paper documents that you need to take with you when you go on holiday abroad has reduced massively in recent years as the majority of travel companies, hotels and airlines accept documents such as booking confirmations and check in documents that are saved on phones or tablets however there are still some travellers that prefer to use paper documents and... Read More

Summer Holidays

Romantic city breaks in the UK

If you want to enjoy a romantic city getaway with your partner but can’t afford to fly to a far off destination have no fear because there are plenty of beautiful cities to explore right on your doorstep here in the UK. Some people think that a break in London or one of the other larger cities is going to give them the romantic vibe that they are looking for but... Read More

Summer Holidays

Visiting the popular holiday destination of St Ives in Cornwall

Cornwall is by far the most popular choice for a beach loving holidaymaker as the climate there is usually a few degrees higher than elsewhere in the UK and the amount of sun hours are usually more too. One of the favourite places to visit in Cornwall is a resort on the north coast called St Ives. Originally known as a fishing village, the town has grown over the years and is... Read More

Summer Holidays

Going on holidays to Scotland

When lockdown is finally over and we are able to go on holiday again, it may be that many of us decide to holiday a little more locally this year and stay in the UK. Not only will this be less stressful for a lot of people but it may also help build the economy if we spend money in our own country rather than going abroad. Scotland is the perfect choice for a holiday.... Read More

Summer Holidays

Swansea – the perfect place for a weekend getaway

With the UK still in lockdown, many of us are really looking forward to a time when we can go away again. This may be abroad or it may simple be a short weekend break in the UK. Swansea, situated on the west coast of Wales is a popular destination for tourists. There is a rather large university in Swansea, which means there is often quite a few students there but this... Read More