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Summer Holidays

Summer holiday essentials on a budget

When planning your summer holiday, it can be tempting to go on a bit of a spending spree, however you really don’t need to spend the earth to get everything you need. Sunglasses are a summer holiday must-have but is it really worth spending lots of money on them? More often than not they end up falling in the sand or getting tossed into the beach bag so could easily end... Read More

Summer Holidays

Staying safe in the heat

If you are going on holiday this summer then you should be careful when in the sun. Often people think that you only need to wear sun cream when abroad but this isn’t the case at all. The weather can be very hot even in the UK and if you are on the beach then there is often a breeze so you may not even feel how hot it is. Sun burn can be very dangerous and so you need to... Read More

Summer Holidays

Are you jetting off for some last-minute sun?

With the UK lockdown restrictions slowly starting to lift, many of us are keen to be able to book a holiday and get away in the sun. There are still only a handful of countries on the green list so you cannot be picky about where you are going. One of the most popular choices is Portugal which has only just been added to the list. Although you can go there on holiday, there... Read More

Summer Holidays

Holiday prices soar in the UK

With the government now stating that England can finally start to very slowly lift lockdown restrictions, many people are looking forward to planning a holiday.  Holidays abroad are still off the cards for many at the moment and although this restriction is likely to be lifted later on in the year, it could be that there are still so many restrictions is place, such as... Read More

Summer Holidays

Are your travel documents protected?

The quantity of paper documents that you need to take with you when you go on holiday abroad has reduced massively in recent years as the majority of travel companies, hotels and airlines accept documents such as booking confirmations and check in documents that are saved on phones or tablets however there are still some travellers that prefer to use paper documents and... Read More