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Going on a spa break abroad

If you enjoy being pampered or going on a detox then a spa break abroad just might be for you. There are many places that offer relaxing spa packages whilst having the benefit of a warmer climate and relaxing scenery. Turkey is a fantastic place to go for a spa break as many of the traditionally used techniques in spas now were developed in Turkey originally. Italy is also a... Read More

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Choosing a holiday destination

It can be hard to choose a holiday destination. Whether you are restricted by time – if you only have a week off work then there is no point spending two days travelling two and from your destination – or by budget, picking a place can be a challenge. Firstly, get together with the other people who will be travelling with you and see what they think and what they would... Read More

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A holiday to New York

New York often needs no introduction as it is one of if not the most well-known city in the world. There is something for everyone in New York and a place that you can often imagine yourself never leaving. With its high skyscrapers, buzzing night life and shopping galore, it’s easy to see why thousands of tourists flock here every year. Getting around in New York couldn’t... Read More

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A holiday to Egypt

If you are looking for a holiday but want something a little different to your usual beach holiday, then why not take a trip to Egypt. Egypt is situated between Africa and the Middle East and is famous for its history. Whilst in Egypt you can expect to see some magnificent sights such as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids and the Sphinx. If you venture over to... Read More

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Ever fancied a golfing holiday?

Many people in the UK play golf, men and women, so it makes sense to include this hobbies when deciding on a holiday. Golfing holidays are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Many friends, couples and families are choosing to take off on a golf holiday where they can relax, unwind and take in the scenery whilst also getting time to get involved in a sport they... Read More