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Choosing a holiday destination

It can be hard to choose a holiday destination. Whether you are restricted by time – if you only have a week off work then there is no point spending two days travelling two and from your destination – or by budget, picking a place can be a challenge.

Firstly, get together with the other people who will be travelling with you and see what they think and what they would like to do. Even young children can have some useful input – if they want to go swimming, for example, then you will know to choose somewhere with a pool.

Secondly, look at a map and try to work out how far you can realistically travel. The closer the location, the less time it is likely to take to get there, although places with no direct flights may take substantially longer than you would expect. Travel costs will also likely be cheaper, although this needs to be balanced against the cost of staying in your chosen destination.

If all else fails or you have a handful of locations you are struggling to choose from, then you could always take a small gamble – close your eyes and pick a place on the map or put the names of the places in a hat and pick one!