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Visiting the popular holiday destination of St Ives in Cornwall

Posted on June 06, 2020 by Andreas
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Cornwall is by far the most popular choice for a beach loving holidaymaker as the climate there is usually a few degrees higher than elsewhere in the UK and the amount of sun hours are usually more too. One of the favourite places to visit in Cornwall is a resort on the north coast called St Ives. Originally known as a fishing village, the town has grown over the years and is now renown for being the home to a talented artist community. The many galleries and high-end shops make it a haven for the discerning holidaymaker. During the summer months St Ives gets incredibly busy as families flock to the beautiful sandy beaches and filled the quaint cobbled streets however if you can take your holiday out of the main season you will find it a more pleasurable experience and have a wider choice of accommodation and dining options. It is said that St Ives has its own climate, and this appears to be true as often the weather in spring and autumn can be equally as pleasant as in the... Read More

Going on holidays to Scotland

Posted on May 19, 2020 by Andreas
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When lockdown is finally over and we are able to go on holiday again, it may be that many of us decide to holiday a little more locally this year and stay in the UK. Not only will this be less stressful for a lot of people but it may also help build the economy if we spend money in our own country rather than going abroad. Scotland is the perfect choice for a holiday. There really are some very beautiful places to stay in Scotland and it can cater for all types of trips. If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing stay, then the Lochs are magnificent. There is so much to see and do that you will not get bored. Scotland doesn’t often have the really hot weather, so if you are looking for a beach holiday then it may not be the place to go, but if you enjoy the outdoors and love walking it’s the perfect place for you. Loch Ness is located in the Scottish Highlands and is 36.3km in length and 2.7km in width. It is very popular mostly due to the story of the Loch Ness monster... Read More

Swansea – the perfect place for a weekend getaway

Posted on April 14, 2020 by Andreas
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With the UK still in lockdown, many of us are really looking forward to a time when we can go away again. This may be abroad or it may simple be a short weekend break in the UK. Swansea, situated on the west coast of Wales is a popular destination for tourists. There is a rather large university in Swansea, which means there is often quite a few students there but this can help to bring the prices of drinks and food down in the area making it a relatively cheap weekend away. If you are looking for something to do on those rainy days then why not go to the LC water park which is the biggest indoor water park in wales and has a number of slides and equipment for children and adults of all ages. There really is something for everyone in Swansea, mountain biking to hiking to hitting the shops for a bit of retail therapy. Prices for a B and B or hotel are average for Wales but you can expect to see the price increase over the holiday period. Swansea is relatively easy to... Read More

Will we be able to go on holiday this year?

Posted on March 19, 2020 by Andreas
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With the current worldwide pandemic, many of us are considering that we are most likely to have our summer holidays cancelled or postponed but for how long, we simply do not know. It seems that for the foreseeable future (at least 12 weeks) travel is going to be a thing of the past unless done for emergencies. All holidays for the next few weeks have already been cancelled and many holiday firms are not allowing bookings before May at the earliest. It may be that there is a sudden boom in holidays during the winter months thing year which may mean destinations that are only hot during the spring summer months such as Greece, Italy and Spain miss out on a huge chunk of revenue. If you do want to ensure you get away this year, it may be worth looking to book something a little more local. There are some beautiful holiday locations within the UK which, especially if the weather is nice, can be perfect for a holiday.  Even if the weather isn’t that great, as long as you... Read More

Holidaying in your local area

Posted on February 11, 2020 by Andreas
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Should you find that you are unable to afford a holiday away either abroad or to the coast in this country there are a wealth of places to visit on your doorstep cutting down drastically on the cost. Often, we discount venues closer to home but there can be many advantages in having lots of days out instead of one long stay away from home. One obvious plus point is that you are staying at home so there is no need to pay for costly accommodation. The price of staying in a hotel or even a caravan in the summer months can be astronomical and that is without taking into consideration the cost of meals. If you research local places to visit by using the internet or looking in the local press you may find discount vouchers which will make your visit even cheaper. Getting together with friends and family could also mean you qualify for group discounts as many places will offer this to groups of ten or more. When it comes to planning meals when you are visiting local attractions it... Read More