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How to have fun on holiday for less

Posted on January 28, 2019 by Andreas
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Holidays are often a very fun and relaxing time. You may have booked a holiday a while ago but starting to worry that you do not have much money to take with you for spending. When booking a holiday it is sometimes worth investing the extra to go all inclusive. This will mean your food and drinks are included (check individual holidays for terms and conditions) as this is often where people spend most money when they are away. Knowing that your food and drinks are sorted means that even if you had a very small amount of spending money you can still ensure that you have a great time. There are plenty of activities that you can do that costs little or no money when on holiday. Before you jet off, have a look online for local places of interest that are free to visit or some nice walks you can do. The beach is always a free day out and if you have kids, you will quickly realise that they are often as happy to play in the sand as visit an amusement park. Most resorts have their own... Read More

What to do if you get sick on holiday

Posted on September 13, 2018 by Andreas
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With all the recent media news regarding illness that has occurred when people are on holiday, many holiday makers are getting rather anxious about their travel. Often people get sick when on holiday or just as they are about to leave due to nerves and worrying. Often thinking you are going to be ill, seems to somehow make you become ill. In certain cases there may be a reason as to why you have become ill such as poor hygiene in the complex you are staying in, food poisoning or injury. If any of these happen, especially whilst abroad it is important to get to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Some of the larger resorts have on site doctors, or if not then your rep should be able to advise you of where to go. Thomas Cook for example, even has an app you can download that will allow you to have a live chat conversation with a doctor over the internet. If you find that you often suffer from a bad stomach when away then you may want to start taking probiotics or prebiotics... Read More

Planning activities for a holiday abroad

Posted on August 07, 2018 by Andreas
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If you are looking for a fun filled holiday abroad then you may want to pre book some activities to do when you are there or at least research them prior to your departure. Depending on where you go, you may have a huge range of activities that are available to you such as water parks, walking / hiking, shopping, theme parks and visiting historical sites or places of interest. Often you can book many trips thorough sites such as Trip Advisor and this way you have the added protection that if they do not turn up or the trip gets cancelled, you will be able to easily get your money back. Make sure you do plenty on researching in to the places you want to visit. Find out what days and what time of the day is best to go, what you can expect and if it is safe. This may be especially true for theme or water parks abroad where safety rules and regulations may not be as strict as they are in the UK. Be sure to have a look online and in local magazines or papers for discount vouchers. Often... Read More

Looking after your valuables when travelling

Posted on July 31, 2018 by Andreas
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If you are going on holiday or going travelling then the advice is to take as few valuables with you as possible. If you are going on holiday you will probably want to take some of your valuables with you such as your phone, maybe a laptop or tablet. Also often people like to take their jewellery with them as they may not get the opportunity to dress up and go out for the evening much as home so a holiday is the perfect excuse to get dolled up. It is important to consider where you are going to store your valuables when travelling.  If you are taking a mobile phone and your wallet / purse you may keep them in a handbag and as long as you keep the bag with you at all times and keep it zipped up, and keep the zip in front of you where you can see it as people often have items taken out of a zipped up bag when it is out of their eye sight.. Thieves tend to target people that are not so careful and storing goods in a rucksack is is not always a good idea as you cannot see what is... Read More

Should you ever holiday without your children?

Posted on June 10, 2018 by Andreas

This is often a topic that comes up between groups of parents and often you will find that peoples opinions can be quite different. A holiday for many people is something that they only get to do once every year or so and they simply could not imagine going without their children with them. For other people, they may be able to go on holiday a few times a year and see nothing wrong with having a holiday for them and then a family holiday separately. There is no right and wrong answer to this and it has to be up to each family to decide. It may be that a trip you want to do would not be suitable for young children so you decide to leave them with family for a week and spend some quality time with your partner. It is important for parents to spend time together on their own as often you can easily forget to make time for each other and this is often when people drift apart. If your children are happy to stay with family for a few days or so then having two holidays can be very... Read More