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Holidays on the Greek islands

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Andreas
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Do you want a relaxed holiday with great food, excellent wine and friendly locals? If this sounds like your dream holiday then head off to one of the Greek islands where you will be delighted to find lush green hillsides, magnificent sandy beaches, azure blue sea and remarkable historic monuments. A favourite destination for many is the vibrant island of Zante, or to give it it’s Greek name Zakynthos. As this island is one of the most westerly Greek islands, it is renowned for its verdant landscape, which is unusual for many places in this area. A trip up into the mountains often results in discovering a hidden lake where a refreshing dip on a hot day is fantastic. After exploring the superb countryside Zante has to offer, a visit to a quaint local taverna with its excellent home cooked food and delicious beverages is a must. Although not as cheap as it used to be, eating out in Zante is not expensive especially if you are willing to have the special of the day which may be fresh... Read More

The travellers must have gadgets

Posted on January 20, 2017 by Andreas
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If you are an avid traveller then you have probably found out that there are certain gadgets and gismos that can make your travelling experience easier and often more pleasurable. It may be that you miss the mod cons you have at home and are not able to transport such luxuries around with you but that doesn’t necessarily mean to have to forfeit everything. If you like to watch films, surf the internet or even keep in touch via the social media sites, you may be able to use your phone, but often this just doesn’t cut it. Investing in a notebook may be the best way to get access to all of the above without carrying a bulky laptop around. When looking for a notebook be sure to check the technical spec meets the requirements you need and also that the battery life is good. It may be that you use your notebook on the go and have nowhere to charge it up during the day. If you want to make sure that you have quality internet access when in your hotel room then you may want to fork out... Read More

What skills do you need to be a holiday rep

Posted on November 10, 2016 by Andreas
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Growing up, many people consider becoming a holiday rep. The idea of jetting of all over the world and working whilst on a permanent holiday is a dream job for many people but the reality is a little different and being a holiday rep is not always easy. To become a holiday rep you may need to have a qualification is travel and tourism, geography or even in customer services. Some companies will be happy to accept people with little or no experience of qualifications and will offer on the job training, although you may be expected to start off on a lower salary for these positions. There are a certain number of personal skills that you will need to show evidence of when applying for a holiday rep position such as communication (skills orally and written), good organisation, being out going and confident, listening and being able to negotiate, working well in a team, problem solving and flexible working. If you possess these then there is a good chance that you will be suitable for the... Read More

A holiday to Cape Verde

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Andreas
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Cape Verde is made up of 10 floating islands off the coast of Africa. It is a popular destination for holiday makers and offers a wealth or activities to do as well as golden sandy beaches, with perfect clear blue sea and all round sunny weather. One of the most popular islands within Cape Verde is Sal. It has a beach which stretches over 8 kilometres, an array or local restaurants and al fresco cafes and beautiful cobbled towns that will keep you busy for hours. The islands were originally discovered by the Portuguese, and there’s a mixture of African, Brazilian and Portuguese influences. This means that there is also a wide range of traditional foods on offer as well as history to check out and fashions to admire. A flight from the UK takes about 6 hours but this part of Africa seems like a million miles away from the wet drizzly rain in the UK winter... Read More

Winter holiday ideas

Posted on September 16, 2016 by Andreas
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Winter holidays can be a great time to get away. It will allow you to enjoy summer in Brittan (or what little summer weather we have) and give you something to look forward to later on. If you are looking for a winter holiday then you can often save a huge amount of money travelling in the first three weeks of December. If you leave travel until Christmas and/or new year then you are likely to see a massive price increase. If you are looking for a winter sun holiday then going during early December will not only save you money but will allow you to experience many locations during the quitter period where many beaches are deserted and planes only half full. The Caribbean is often a popular destination in winter as you are unlikely to see temperatures any lower than 20C. If you travel before the 15th December the price is often half of that to travel and stay over the Christmas... Read More