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Choosing a holiday destination

Posted on December 29, 2017 by Andreas
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It can be hard to choose a holiday destination. Whether you are restricted by time – if you only have a week off work then there is no point spending two days travelling two and from your destination – or by budget, picking a place can be a challenge. Firstly, get together with the other people who will be travelling with you and see what they think and what they would like to do. Even young children can have some useful input – if they want to go swimming, for example, then you will know to choose somewhere with a pool. Secondly, look at a map and try to work out how far you can realistically travel. The closer the location, the less time it is likely to take to get there, although places with no direct flights may take substantially longer than you would expect. Travel costs will also likely be cheaper, although this needs to be balanced against the cost of staying in your chosen destination. If all else fails or you have a handful of locations you are struggling to choose... Read More

A holiday to New York

Posted on November 21, 2017 by Andreas
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New York often needs no introduction as it is one of if not the most well-known city in the world. There is something for everyone in New York and a place that you can often imagine yourself never leaving. With its high skyscrapers, buzzing night life and shopping galore, it’s easy to see why thousands of tourists flock here every year. Getting around in New York couldn’t be easier. There is always a black cab just round the corner waiting to take you to your destination but if you want to cut down a little on your travel then the fastest way to get around whilst in New York is by subway. You’ll find a station around every corner, and the city’s grid layout makes navigating the subway system pretty easy. If you like shopping then you will love New York. Whether it be scouring the markets for unusual and unique items, heading off to the famous Bloomingdales on 59th Street, taking a trip to Brookfield Place on the Hudson River waterfront to experience the height of luxury... Read More

A holiday to Egypt

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Andreas
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If you are looking for a holiday but want something a little different to your usual beach holiday, then why not take a trip to Egypt. Egypt is situated between Africa and the Middle East and is famous for its history. Whilst in Egypt you can expect to see some magnificent sights such as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids and the Sphinx. If you venture over to Luxor you can wonder round the many open tombs that are on display including the tomb of probably the most famous pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Egypt’s weather is generally quite warm all year round with temperatures of 24 degrees expected in January to February rising to an average of 37 degrees in July. Egypt has two seasons, a mild winter and a hot summer. The winter months run from November through to April and the summer months from May through to October. During the cooler months in winter the temperatures tend to be quite a bit lower in the evenings and can become quite chilly. A trip to Egypt will not... Read More

Worried about your holiday plans?

Posted on September 12, 2017 by Andreas
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With the tragic news of late on the devastation the hurricane has caused throughout the Caribbean and now in to Florida, it is no wonder many people are panicking about their holidays and wondering if it is safe to travel. Although incidents like this are rare, they do seem to be happening more and more and often there is no telling exactly where and when they will hit, or how much serious the incident is going to be. If you have recently booked a holiday to the Caribbean, then it is advisable to check with your tour operator as to their advice about travel. It may be that the area you are going to have not been affected but you will still need to consider that there may still be a level of disruption as many people have found themselves without power or even homes to go back to. It is always worth taking out a good insurance policy when booking any holiday but you do need to check what you are covered for. Some companies will not cover you for the cancellation of your holiday due to... Read More

Ever fancied a golfing holiday?

Posted on August 07, 2017 by Andreas
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Many people in the UK play golf, men and women, so it makes sense to include this hobbies when deciding on a holiday. Golfing holidays are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Many friends, couples and families are choosing to take off on a golf holiday where they can relax, unwind and take in the scenery whilst also getting time to get involved in a sport they enjoy. There are some of the common golfing holidays such as a trip to the Algrave or to the Tenerife that can often be picked up reasonably cheaply or if you are looking for something a little more exclusive, then why not try Morocco. You can easily get a direct flight from many parts of the UK to Morocco and with the added bonus of the all year round sunshine, it is of no surprise that golfing holidays in Morocco have soared over the past few years. Marrakech is undoubtedly the most popular Golf destination in Morocco but there are many more that are waiting to be explored. If you are after a golfing holiday that... Read More